My Hair Story

I was natural–in the sense of having non-chemically treated hair– before “natural” became a coined phrase. Like most women when they become pregnant, I stopped relaxing my hair during my first pregnancy. Shortly thereafter I moved to the beautiful island of Hawii where I had the most beautiful hair experience! For the first time in my life, my hair grew leaps and bounds. Why? Not because I was putting forth any sort of intentional effort at growing my hair. Quite to the contrary, I gave very little attention to my hair besides regularly washing and blowing drying it. A simple ponytail was my style of choice for my stay-at-home mom life. One day I pressed and curled it and VOILA! My hair was hanging past my shoulders! Longer than it’d ever been. Naturally, I strayed away from the ponytail–I was so excited about my length. Once I moved back to my hometown and got back into the workforce, I eventually fell back into my old hair routine of relaxing, pressing, adding extensions, regular flat ironing, etc. In other words, damaging my hair.

Fast forward to a short time after my second child was born, I was back to no chemical treatment AND I’d grown frustrated with so-called hair care professionals not really caring for my hair. So I took matters into my own hand, becoming a DIY’er. I was doing a pretty good job pressing my hair. However, when I began exercising more regularly I quickly tired of my hair being a determining factor in what kind of workout I did. I wanted to sweat as much as necessary, wash my hair after each workout, and even add swimming to my workout regimen. This desire eventually led me to locs in 2008. This was after a stint of trying to wear my loose natural hair, which frustrated me to no end. Locs were the easiest way to go and I was quite happy–for the most part.

I can’t quite put my finger on the ONE reason why I got rid of my locs. There were a few. Throughout the four years that I wore locs, I found myself conducting Internet searches on how to take down locs. Plus I watched numerous videos of loose-haired naturals to see what was involved in wearing and caring for my loose natural. In most cases, those videos dissuaded me from taking my locs down. I didn’t want to do all of that work! I didn’t want to be bothered with all of those products! BUT..I did want to feel the touch of my individual strands of my hair. So the locs had to go. And they did in May 2012. Now I’m on a journey of discovering a happy place with my loose natural hair WITHOUT making it the focal point of my life–if that’s even possible.

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